CCE presents Carlos Saura. Flamenco Photographs

From Jul 14th through Aug 18th, 2006Flamenco, photographs (1950-2003) by Carlos Saura is on view at Centro Cultural Español at 800 Douglas Road, Suite 170, Coral Gables since Jul 14th, 2006. The exhibition consists on 95 photographies taken by the Spanish filmmaker between 1950 and 2000 around the flamenco topic, one of his big passions. They are portraits of well-known flamenco artists such as Camarón, Paco de Lucía, Cristina Hoyos or Farruquito. According to Saura, his photographic vocation came to him at the age of ten. He devoted himself to the professional photography and then focused just on cinema. Carlos Saura is best known for his cinematographic work. He was born into an artistic and musical family. As a teenager he started his photography career and in 1950 he made his first reports in 16 millimeters. He made his début in 1958 with the documentary ‘Cuenca’ . With the film ‘Los golfos’ (1960) he opened a new path in the realistic Spanish cinema. Other films of the same period are ‘Llanto por un bandido’ (1963) and ‘La caza’ (1965), which received the prize to the best director in the Berlin Festival. For more information please call: 305-448-9677

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