Chromesthesia at Dot Fiftyone.

From Feb 3rd through Mar 3rd, 2006Dot Fiftyone Art Gallery announces the opening of the exhibition Chromesthesia, recent works by New York artist Tapp Francke. Featuring color field photographs on neon lighting and neon tubing words, the work will make the viewer stop… look… and experience. The color images will take each individual on a journey through their own psyche, bringing to the surface their past and present experiences. Tapp Francke is a photographer whose work has been featured in venues like The New Museum of Contemporary Art in Manhattan, Guild Hall in East Hampton, Jan Kesner Gallery in Los Angeles, Halminton’s Gallery in London UK, among several others. She also received the Best in the Show Award at the Armory Arts Center in West Palm Beach, Florida February 2003. Francke served as a photographer for the United Nations Commission for Refugees in Guatemala and Mexico, and as publicity photographer fro ABC Television Network in New York. Francke studied photography at NYU Tisch School of the Arts and received a Master’s degree in philosophy from The University of St. Andrews in Scotland. She currently alternates between Manhattan and Bridgehampton, New York. The Word Synesthesia is when 2 or more of the senses overlap. The word “chromesthesia” is when any of the senses overlaps with seeing color. Tapp Fracke chose this as the title of the installation because the point is to show that the color has a meaning. It can make us feel and make us think. For Centuries poets, artists and philosophers have recognized color’s power. Each color carries with it a world of memories and emotions both cultural and personal. Aristotle actually felt that it was dangerous drug while Roland Barthes called it “a kind of bliss”. Image Caption: Chromesthesia. Fuscia neon tubing installation. For more information, please call: 305.573.9994

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