CIFO Grants and Commissions

From Mar 17th through May 6th, 2007The Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation (CIFO) is presenting the 2007 Grants and Commissions Artists. The institution established the Grants and Commissions Programs one year ago with the purpose of supporting emerging and mid-career multidisciplinary artists from Latin America, whose work challenges established boundaries defining contemporary art today. The artists selected for the 2007 Commissions Program include Eugenio Espinoza from Venezuela, Alvaro Oyarzún from Chile and José Alejandro Restrepo from Colombia. The commissioned artists will participate in a group exhibition at the CIFO Art Space which will take place from March 17th through May 6th, 2007. The 2007 Grants Program recipients include Alberto Baraya from Colombia; Fredi Casco from Paraguay; Donna Conlon from Panama; Adriana García Galan also from Colombia; Renata Lucas from Brazil; Luis Molina-Pantin from Venezuela; Ángel Poyón Calí from Guatemala; Cecilia Szalkowicz and Gastón Pérsico from Argentina; Emilio Valdés and Héctor Zamora from Mexico. Currently, there are two programs being organized by CIFO: the Grants Program targeted to emerging artists and the Commissions Program geared towards mid-career artists. “Both programs are committed to broadening the global understanding of work by contemporary artists from Latin America and moving beyond the traditional paradigms and stereotypes associated with art from Latin America,” explains CIFO’s Director Cecilia Fajardo-Hill. Through its Grants and Commissions Programs, CIFO has set forth the goals of assisting artists produce work that may lie outside commercial viability and providing artists with a platform to present projects that engage local and international audiences alike.

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