Clima X

Spanish art collective Jus d’art exhibits in Wynwood, Miami.The CCE, in collaboration with Goldman Properties, is presenting Clima X, an exhibit by Spanish art collective Jus d’art. The exhibition will open to the public from November 12th through December 15th. Artist in Jus d’art are Sabala, F.M.G. (El Ferrol) and Serrano Blanes. Their installation is based on ideas about life and climate. The exhibition is composed by two bodies of work: The one coming from their recent exhibition in the old church Ex-Teresa Arte Actual in Mexico called Negativo en Positivo, and the work in progress created in situ and originally conceived for the space in Miami. This exhibit, commissioned by Pepa Villalba, extends into other mediums including video, performance, and dance. Clima X includes four large triptychs and three large pieces on fabric. In each one; the fabrics serve as a creative starting point for the work in situ. The group Jus d’art was created at the beginning of 2003 after more than 20 years of intense creative activity by each artist individually. After having completed degrees in the Fine Arts College of Barcelona in the 80’s, each one stepped in his own artistic career developing individual styles. Painting has maintained an intimate relationship with their lives. Creating and living in the same space has been a constant for all three artists regardless of where they have worked and lived. Sabala has developed her own world from her ingenuity and humor, where the formal values of painting and female themes come together. The female body appears in her works as a symbol of a goddess; silhouettes with two eyes, subtle gestures and qualities, garments and attitudes. Serrano, interested from the beginning in social conflicts, has developed a powerful language over the years, where color, lines and forms shape the message. The sober visual richness is captivating. F.M.G is inspired by his own cognitive drive. His art belong to the world of thoughts; his images are mental and respond to a concern with the real world. His interest in transcending reality has lead him to create a very personal world of forms. In the summer of 2004, Sabala, F.M.G. and Serrano made their public debut under the name Jus d’art with an exhibit at the Fundación Angels Planels de Blanes after having lived together for a year on a farm/Studio in Masdenverge. And there is where the idea of creating with Native material came from. The, they begin by using the trunks of trees gathered in the Delta of the Ebro River as raw materials for sculptures. At the end of October 2004, the group traveled to Cuba. The influences quickly manifested in their new works with the introduction of caribbean colors, music, landscape and personal experiences. They are now presenting Clima X in Miami, where multiculturality is common place among the art scene. Welcome Jus d’arts! Clima X (Wynwood Art District) 448 NW 28th St. & 2750 NW 3rd Ave. Centro Cultural Español 800 Douglas Road, # 170 305.448.9677

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