Danseteater Ingrid Kristensen

XXII International Hispanic Theatre Festival
From Jul 14th through 15th, 2007
The acclaimed International Hispanic Theatre Festival, presented by Teatro Avante and American Airlines is celebrating its 22nd anniversary season by bringing a vast selection of theatre groups from the United States, Latin America and Europe to various locations in South Florida. On July 14 and 15th, the troupe Danseteater Ingrid Kristensen based in Odense, Denmark, will be presenting an introduction titled Dance and Scent followed by the play The Ugly Duckling choreographed by Ingrid Kristensen. This is a twenty-two-minute solo performance inspired by Danish author Hans Christian Andersen’s tale. The story of a duckling from the inside out, it comprises images of birth, discovery of the world and growing awareness that one is different. It touches upon themes of journeying, uprootedness, cutting the umbilical cord and being attacked by villains – ghosts from within and without – and after a long and painful journey, taking one’s place and contemplating the possibility of spreading one’s wings. But because beauty is not perfect, not even the swan’s, no one really knows what lies behind its blissful appearance. Also as part of the program, the group will be showcasing the play Little Mermaid choreographed by Ingrid Kristensen, which is a lyric piece and a love poem set in a world that shifts between water and air, reality and dreams. It depicts a state of mind, an emotional condition and, above all, a journey toward independence. The Little Mermaid is poetry and sensuality, beauty and powerful acrobatics. This event will take place at the Carnival Center for the Performing Arts’ Studio Theater, located at 1300 Biscayne Boulevard in Miami. For more information, please call: 305.445.8877

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