David Castillo Gallery

Night Air by Wendy Wischer From Nov 11th through Dec 1st, 2006David Castillo Gallery is exhibiting the solo show Night Air by Miami-based artist Wendy Wischer. The exhibition is a multimedia installation, comprised of sculptural works as well as light, sound, and video pieces. The show dialogues on and references a garden at night. The works make connections to desire and longing in the night air, dealing with reflection, the search for another as well as introspection. Wendy Wischer has always been concerned with how a single set of principles can be found throughout the universe and this solo exhibition explores some of these principles. With an eye to defining environment both from her rural upbringing to her urban adult life, she finds both worlds intoxicating and equally informing her artwork. She creates a new aesthetic by linking natural elements to the man-made. Light is an important medium for the artist as it is found in the natural world and the artificial world, and the tangible as well as the intangible. For more information, please call: 305.573.8110

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