Diana Lowenstein Fine Arts

Alteres States and Manny Prieres: We Will Faulter From Nov 11th through Dec 2nd, 2006Diana Lowenstein Fine Arts in Wynwood Art District opens the exhibitions Altered States, in the main gallery and Manny Prieres: We Will Faulter, in the project room. Altered States offers a sense of distorted imagery and puzzling perspectives that respond to an altered state of awareness, or the changes in one’s mental state through natural and artificial means. Altered states can occur from hypnosis, fever, hysteria, sleep deprivation, starvation, oxygen deprivation and traumatic events, as well as through drug and alcohol use. The show includes photography by Dino Bruzzone, Antonio Nuñez, Vicenta Casañ, Marcello Mortarotti; video and digital installations by Chang Guen Oh and June Bum Park; paintings by Melvin Martinez and Laura Kina; and sculptures by Elba Bairon and Carlos Gallardo. Also on view, Manny Prieres: We Will Faulter, features new works on paper that are haunting, elegant and loaded with symbolism from Prieres’ own personal and hidden language. Prieres states: “I have been fascinated with unrefined expressions of art: the vulgar prison tattoo, the homemade concert poster, the repetitiously ostentatious pattern of ornate wallpaper. My work deals largely with combining various icons from different classes or cultures, to create a new visual language”. For more information, please call: 305.576.1804

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