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Natalie Silva. Back Street Boys From Feb 10th through Mar 31st, 2007The current exhibition at Dot Fifty One Gallery is the first US solo show of Italian artist Natalie Silva entitled Back Street Boys. More than ten large-scale paintings from the artist’s recent production will be included and part of these series of work will be on view simultaneously in the exhibition On/Off at the Royal Academy of Arts, London UK. Natalie Silva considers herself a painter, not an artist. One of the most distinctive characteristics of her work is the conciseness. The gift and the doom of always being present, to experience things as they happen; a feature that can give us alternatively great pleasures and great sufferings, depending on our sense of humor and the circumstances. From an emotional and psychological point of view, Silva’s work deals with the lack of love. Everybody’s attention is drawn to money, for one shop that closes down a bank that opens. There are no truly romantic themes in movies or elsewhere, and to express love people resort to science fiction or cartoons. Men and women, whose energy draws lines and reverberates colors, represent a cosmogony of cities and humanity, a critical point, where cromophobia concentrates and implodes. For more information, please call: 305.573.9994

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