Exhibition Necessary Objects at Dotfiftyone Gallery

Through Sun 3 Sep, 2017

Necessary Objects is Mexican artist Marcos Castro’ first solo show in Dotfiftyone Gallery.  The young artist reflects on a fundamental act related to art: to look. Through diverse media he explores the dialogue between materials of natural origin as graphite and wood, integrating elements from his personal mythology and from nature as testimonial symbols of contemporary society.

The work is an exploration of the interactions between techniques and formats that includes drawing, painting, stage resources, installation, animation, video-art and video-installation. He conceives the spectator as a vigilant rather than one who contemplates. Castro has been included officially  as part of The Tamayo Biennial (2006), he was awarded the Scholarship young Creators of the FONCA (2007) and has been the resident artist in Residence at 18th, Street Art Center Los Angeles (2008).

Dotfiftyone Gallery
7275 NE 4th Ave #101
Miami FL 33138

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