Hanging By a Nail, By a Thread, By The Skin of Your Teeth at Spinello Projects

Through Sun Apr 29, 2018

Spinello Projects is pleased to present Hanging By a Nail, By a Thread, By The Skin of Your Teeth, a curated group exhibition featuring works by Nathalie Alfonso, Jessy Nite and Paloma Teppa, Agustina Woodgate, Juana Valdes, Antonia Wright, and Naama Tsabar. These women deal explicitly with tangible, textured materials that figure prominently into their respective practices, specifically related to three-dimensional sculpture and painting. The multimedia exhibition is bound together by their collective trepidation, deep-set fears, and dark foretelling of their surroundings and futures.

As soon as the viewer enters the gallery space, they are confronted with a living garden formed into the words “Soon It Will Be Gone”: a collaboration between artist and typographer Jessy Nite and Paloma Teppa, co-founder of nature-inspired design firm Plant The Future.
Alfonso’s work is a continuation of her performance at Fair. during Miami Art Week (at the Brickell City Centre) called Underscore: a meditation on the act of art-making coupled with the routine but necessary act of cleaning; not just pre or post-production, but as a gesture in and of itself.
Colored China Rags are sculptural works by Valdes which mimic the softness of actual fabric, echo the “softness” and translucency of bone china (versus traditional porcelain), and all the while questioning scales of value and currency in the socio-economic global landscape. Two short video works from artist Antonia Wright focus on the artist’s body as performative instrument and psychological test subject: the first sees her naked body falling through open air, the second sees her frame enveloped by a hot glowing bodysuit as she falls through a hole in an ice field. Part of an ongoing series called Performance Reliefs, Naama Tsabar creates landscapes out of performance, itself: petrifying the arrangements of cable leads, from where a rock band played a live set just hours or minutes before, using layers of black gaffer tape. Her Studies for a Microphone variants are visual echoes of a multi sensory experience.

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