ISM Gallery at The Fire Haus Project

From Apr 21st through May 19th, 2007ISM Gallery and independent curator Orestes Diaz present the work of artists hailing from Russia, Cuba and Venezuela in a show entitled Delivered. The exhibition will take place at The Fire Haus Project, located at 7970 Coral Way in Miami, FL and will open to the public on April 21st, 2007 from 7:00 to 11:00 p.m. Works in Delivered explore deeply into fantasy and reality, becoming friendly with danger and instability. Serge Lis and Ahmed Gomez are both attracted to theatrical, comic, and erotic representation of their subjects which seem to comment on the theatrical, but mendacious tradition of social realism. Serge Lis, who lives in St. Petersburg, Russia, refers to his work as “Theatre of Fantasy” and his final products are touched up photo prints. Ahmed’s works are reminiscent of 20th century posters flirting with the similarity between Russian Social Realism and American pin up posters. The works of Nestor Arenas evoke a very different, nightmarish fantasy world, one which is yet unfailingly familiar in its depiction of violence, fear and brutality. He reports that he finds ideas on TV newscasts, and by viewing his work, one is easily reminded of the current context of war. Gerry Stecca’s sculpture installations close the circle – they convey violence in an utterly different way, and their themes are different, though no less universal, that of failed love. For more information, please call: 305.310.2797

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