Jakmel Art Gallery

Presenting Eve Interrupted February 2nd, 2007Jakmel Art Gallery in Wynwood Art District is presenting Crash: Girls Brake things too! the 8th All Girl Art Party event by female artist collaborrative Eve Interrupted. Artists included in the exhibition are Natalya Laskis, Jean Villamizar, Jennifer Koivu, Nancy Campos, VAM, Lisa Rockford, Maitejosune Urrechaga and Risque Business Erotic Custom Cakes. Crash… Create and brake art. In a world where women learn, “Sugar and Spice and everything nice”, Eve Interrupted is planning to change this twisted tale. Artists will be asked to create art about what they feel has been oppressive attitudes towards women, then sporaticallly start destroying their artwork, hence destroying these sexist myths. For more information, please call: 305.766.2879

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