JAMA: The Hurricane Series

April 7th through May 29th, 2006Art + Gallery at the Village of Merrick Park presents the second solo exhibition of JAMA. The Cuban born painter was introduced for the first time a year and a half ago by the gallery founder and owner, Jean Bernard. For JAMA, painting is an extension of his body and mind. His interpretations of everyday life are expressed through a set of strong lines, geometric figures and vibrant colors but with the simplicity of the most natural human gesture. The pigments are his words, and with it, he is able to establish a conversation with basically any support or medium, be that linen or cotton canvas, wood, or like the series in the exhibition, “hurricane shutters”. In a short period of time, his paintings are already part of several prestigious collections in London, Geneva and New York. JAMA’s works could be perceived as a rare mix of the mundane complexities of Jean Michel Basquiat together with the mystical spirit of Wifredo Lam. Either way, JAMA will not leave you indifferent. For more information, please call 786 497 1111 or by email at [email protected]

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