Kunsthaus Miami

Antarctica by Xavier Cortada Through May 10th, 2007Kunsthaus Miami is currently presenting the exhibition Antarctica by Miami artist Xavier Cortada. The exhibition compiles video, photography and ice-paintings extracted from a project developed by the artist during his recent journey to Antarctica. Being awarded with the 2006-2007 National Science Foundation’s Antarctic Artists and Writers Program, Cortada created several site-specific pieces among which are 51 flags on a moving glacier to mark the passage of time; a collaborative mural with scientists who work there and flags for endangered animals from each time zone around the South Pole. Cortada also used 12 pairs of black shoes to create an installation expressing the environmental concerns of people living in the world above. Through his fellowship, Cortada strived to create art in Antarctica in order to demonstrate how interconnected we as people are to each other and to our planet. As such, the artist’s explorations included environmental concerns and how time passes through us. He created site-specific installations, sketched, and painted, photographed and videotaped, as well as conducted interviews and documented scientist’s work in Antarctica.

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