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Aidias Bareikis and Doug Fishbone From Mar 10th through Apr 7th, 2007New York-based, Lithuanian-born artist Aidias Bareikis will be showing Fancy Meetings, the new exhibition at Dorsch Gallery’s main space. Fancy Meetings, a sprawling grotesque installation of found objects, is Bareikis’ first exhibition in Florida. The artist has gained some notoriety for his abject installations, which often riff on art historical classics like Rodin’s The Burghers of Calais or Matthias Grunewals’ Isenhein Alterpiece. Made exclusively from things found in the street or discovered in thrift stores and flea markets, Bareikis creates toxic wasteland constructions that reek of the post-apocalyptic. The work alludes to the grotesque scenery of our nuclear anxiety but is reformatted for the age of transnational terrorism and seemingly unprecedented environmental disaster. Like a modern day alchemist, Bareikis puts all the junk he gathers through transformative operations. In the LP Project Room, London-based artist Doug Fishbone shows Towards A Common Understanding, a video installation of mass media images and clichés that through their excess become absurd. Towards a New Understanding by Doug Fishbone is made entirely from images culled from the Internet. Using the rambling and relativist’s monologue, filled with unexpected free associations and wrong turns, as well as the still-image movie (which is equal parts Chris Marker sublime essaying and boring slide lecture), Fishbone explores the pitfalls of language, the weirdness of some of our convictions, and the grain of truth lodged in otherwise terribly inappropriate clichés and stereotypes. For more information, please call: 305.576.8570

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