Signature Art Gallery. Xevi Vilaro

From Mar 10th through Apr 7th, 2007Signature Art Gallery, located in Wynwood Art District is opening a solo exhibition by Spaniard artist Xevi Vilaro curated by Andreina Fuentes. Vilaro is a hyper realistic painter from La Callera, a small village in Gerona, Spain. Due to coincidence, he paints. His mother provided him with his first canvas and paintbrush when he was fifteen and since then, he started developing his abilities all by himself without any further academic training. The manner in which he approaches his ideas for a composition is frontal, he sets a background, a landscape- all is spontaneous until he reaches a final result. In many of Vilaro’s paintings viewers can find scenes of mysticism and fantasy while others pieces deal with surreal subject, like fishes flying over avenues with people riding on them, for instance. Xevi Vilaro’s statement is simple: ” The brain is like a muscle, the more it is cultivated, the stronger it becomes. The whole idea and the artistic sensibility are forged by you alone”

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