Made in Chile at Fache Arts & Amy Alonso Gallery

From Jan 29th through Feb 26th, 2010.

Fache Arts & Amy Alonso Gallery present a new exhibition this month titled “Made in Chile”, featuring Chilean artists Victor Mahana and Carla Fache.

Victor Mahana and Carla Fache, two Chilean young painters, show us through their paintings that behind the Andes Mountains talent remains and evolves through textures, strokes and technique. Abstract and surrealism, defined by the artists vision and their unique styles, are the gateway to a journey of imagination and vibration you will experience in this exhibition.

Captured in silence, the vivid energy that flows from their paintings brings to our mind the verses of the Chilean Nobel Poet, Pablo Neruda: “I like you when you are silent because you are as though absent…”, as their work penetrates the viewer minds and souls.

The right use of light, shadow and color, and the relationship between the unconscious and conscious, surreal and abstract, puts us on a ride towards visual harmony and sense provocation.

“…My painting has always been the vision of vivid dreams. In simple words, I define it as figurative, concrete, detailed images of an unconscious, symbolic and irrational world. My work stands in that threshold, it is the paradox of two incompatible and sometimes opposite worlds: The real (the way of represent things) with the unreal (the subject of representation)…”Victor Mahana.

“…My imagination travels to non-existing dimensions that I best describe through a process of layering. When I paint, I feel as if I am hypnotized by colors and textures, all of which will create soft, thin layers that hide or reveal a mark of an unspoken feeling, emotion, or thought…” Carla Fache.

Fache Arts & Amy Alonso Gallery
750 NE 124th Street. Suite 2
North Miami, FL 33161

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