Miami Dade College Kendall Campus Gallery presents "It Matters"

Through Jan 20, 2012.

The Martin and Pat Fine Center for the Arts is presenting “It Matters”, an exhibition of new work made by full time art faculty from the Arts & Philosophy Department at Miami Dade College Kendall Campus. “It Matters” creates a conversation between the artists and the use of their medium. They continue to explore and expand the reasons to make work in an ever-changing contemporary art world.

Alberto Meza indicates that there is something wonderful and awe inspiring about a monumental structure. He is taken aback by the illicit feelings and the joy triggered from carefully observing the monumental statues at the Museo de Bellas Artes (Fine Arts Museum) in Santiago, Chile. Birds and men continue to use those beautiful statues as toilet facilities… and Meza still finds it intriguing that a perverse gloominess would somehow always accompany a sculptural form. Meza is reviving the brutal confrontation of animal needs or the persistence of art/beauty over sociopathic forces.

Jennifer Basile’s work is an expose on her personal human condition. The first series of drawings called “Stranger” is a new body of figurative work based on the artist’s fleeting relationship with her lover. The pieces are created on paper using mixed media. Basile’s second series of drawings called, ”The Machine” are based on the artist’s relationship with her co-workers. The portrait drawings are large-scale works on paper with charcoal. They are displayed installation style to demonstrate that notion of “strength through unity.”

Tony Chirinos visually questions the struggle between landscape in a large city and the intrusion of man. The trees are heroically depicted at night taking on an eerie, lonely, silent moment that is shared with the viewer. The prints are large 44 x 60 inches color archival inkjet prints, referencing painting with light rather than oils.

Yomarie Silva’s current work has been exploring gouty oak galls found on oak trees. Her recent work is between object and illusion. She uses repetition in her sculptures of the organic forms, changing their scale and changing how we as viewers would normally encounter them.

Miami Dade College Kendall Campus Gallery
11011 SW 104th Street
Miami, FL 33176

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