Mindy Solomon Gallery: If you would just shut up and listen by Kelly Johnson / Alejandro Contreras

Through Sat May 26, 2018

Exhibition If you would just shut up and listen brings together artists Kelly Johnson and Alejandro Contreras through Sculpture and Painting.

The relationship between the participant and the painted object are key to Kelly Johnson’s practice. The body of work is investigating the interaction with the viewer and their movement with the sculptural aspects of the artwork. This is the merging of physical space and the illusion of space. Taking simple shapes and primary hues as a point of departure, he methodically builds these essential elements, transforming to a slow hum. These works invite thoughtful consideration, resonating with the idea of humming as a meditative chant or spiritual salvo. Raised in a religious household, he considers aspects of spirituality as it relates to Minimalist and Color Field painting then applies this perspective to negotiate the constant distraction of contemporary culture.

Alejandro Contreras collects fragments. He builds surfaces assembled from strips of vinyl and obscures the surface with paint-masking and exposing movement. No matter the proposal or challenge—he’s the consummate yes man. Given his hectic lifestyle-he manages to integrate a manic sense of creativity in his oeuvre, while still being able to convey a finessed work of art that feels considered and accomplished. The seemingly endless flow of line and vibrant color speak to ideas developed through extensive travel and life experience. His practice includes furniture design as well.

Mindy Solomon Gallery
8397 NE 2nd Avenue
Miami, FL 33138

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