Native Seeds 2007 Award from LegalArt

Emerging Artist Grant Deadline: May 18th, 2007LegalArt is announcing its annual Native Seeds Emerging Artist Grant. A total of $3000 in direct grants will be awarded solely on the basis of creative excellence, designed to advance the professional life of an emerging Miami artist. The award is to be used by the individual artist according to his or her needs. Eligibility Any emerging artist currently residing in Miami-Dade County is eligible to apply. Emerging artist is defined as an artist who has graduated from an accredited art institution within the last ten years (1997-2007) or anyone who has been working professionally as an artist for less than ten years.The artist must be a resident of Miami-Dade County for the past year, and the award will be made contingent on proof of residency. Age: Applicants must be over the age of 18. Work: All samples submitted for review must be of work that was created within the two years prior to the application date. Not eligible: Any full-time degree-seeking student or any non-professionals who engage in art as a hobby. Deadline and Application Process Applications must be postmarked by May 18th, 2007. Hand-delivered submissions will not be accepted. Absolutely No applications will be accepted after the deadline. All applicants must submit: • Four copies of a resume, limited to one 8 1/2” x 11” page, which includes exhibitions, commissions and/or educational background. Type must be no less than 10 point font. • Support Materials. You may include up to two additional support materials, such as reviews or catalogues. • Completed application form that must be signed by the artist and notarized. • A ten dollar ($10.00) processing fee (payable by check or money order made out to LegalArt). • Instead of asking you to write an artist statement in the typical sense, in no more than one page (8 1/2” x 11”), please respond to both of the following questions: – If you receive the award, what will you do with the grant money, and how will this help further your professional development as a visual artist? Why do you consider yourself to be an emerging artist? • An 8 1/2” x 11” or larger, self-addressed, stamped envelope, only if you would like your materials returned. For more information, please contact Erika Pastoriza at 924 Lincoln Road, Suite 205 Miami Beach, FL 33139

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