Nina Johnson exhibits Ray Smith Studio

Sat 24 Jun, 2017

Ray Smith Studio is an exhibition organized by Emmett Moore featuring a series of works produced by Ray Smith in his Brooklyn studio between 2007 – 2012. This period in Ray’s career is defined by inclusivity and collaboration, specifically as it relates to a series of works created alongside his then assistants, Nik Gelormino, and brothers Eamon and Keegan Monaghan.

Ray Smith’s work is as enigmatic as he is. Born in Texas and raised in Mexico, Ray is a Spanish-speaking New Yorker, with the air of a Texas cattle rancher. His work draws from Spanish Modernists and Surrealists, and materializes in a variety of media, often through a stream of consciousness approach. Smith is a painter, sculptor, installation artist and social experimenter.

Exhibition on view through Jul 29, 2017

Nina Johnson Gallery
6315 NW 2nd Ave
Miami FL 33150

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