Odegard presents Diane Carl

May 4th through August, 2006Stephanie Odegard invites you to enjoy her ongoing artists series featuring paintings by Diane Carl. Referred to as an “abstract expressionist,” artist Diane Carl brings a powerful sense of energy to her work. Painting exclusively in acrylics and most often in large scale, she creates works of dramatic appeal. A lifetime student of art, Diane majored in fine arts and acknowledges Robert Motherwell, Willem de Kooning and Mark Rothko as chief influences in her work. During the 90’s, Diane sold almost exclusively through celebrated British designer, Michael Reeves. She saw her paintings placed in private collections in New York, London, Barcelona and Santa Barbara. Her work has appeared in many home design publications including, “British House & Garden,” American Architectural Digest,” and the book “Designers at Home” by Dominic Radbury. Odegard is a world-renowned leader in originally designed and produced hand knotted carpets of the highest quality standards. The hallmark of Odegard designs is Stephanie Odegard’s sophisticated and subtle use of color in carpets made of hand-spun, hand-knotted Himalayan wool. She regularly hosts exhibitions of painting, photography and crafts from an international array of artists and enjoys seeing Odegard at Paradeisos Miami serving as a cultural meeting place in Miami’s Design District. For more information: 305.576.7166

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