Art and Culture Center/Hollywood exhibits Onajide Shabaka: Floridian Lacunae

September 14 - October 27, 2019

Onajide Shabaka is a South Florida-based artist whose “studio” occupies a metaphorical space of a walk or a hike within the built urban environment. His walking practice takes him by many unkempt edges and along undeveloped or disused lots, habitats that are often overlooked or considered “weed”-infested or “vacant.” His work comprises drawings, watercolors, photographs, video and installation as it weaves plants, people, and history in a poetic, rather than a documentary, manner.

The artist will utilize the gallery space as a provisional work area. Visitors are invited to interact with the artist by trying out his practice of walking a short distance to discover a nearby hidden landscape. Then they may return to the gallery to draw with colored pencils and markers any of the plants, rocks, and other found elements that they have scavenged, and to accompany those illustrations with any writing they may wish to share. Some botanical and geological objects will be available in the gallery already. On the wall in the gallery, visitors can contribute to the creation of a collective “anthology” drawing and can map the night sky in an interactive work inspired by Shabaka’s work.

Shabaka is an artist, cultural practitioner and writer who has lived in California and Florida, where his art practice is connected through historical/biographical themes related to geography, including the African diaspora and Native-American cultures.

Scheduled walks with artist at Noon will occur on Sun., Oct. 6 and 20 and Thurs., Oct. 3, 10, 17, and 24.

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