Paintings by Lucas Blanco and Marc Roder at Dorsch Gallery

From Sep 9th through Oct 2nd, 2006Dorsch Gallery in Wynwood Art District inaugurates two new painting exhibitions by gallery artists Lucas Blanco and Marc Roder. The show by Lucas Blanco is titled Blanco del Fuego or White Fire, making a play on the dominant color of the pictures and the artist’s own name, which is “white” in Latin and Spanish. The pictures are not “hot” at all, of course, but infused with an inner intensity that certainly justifies the word play. These paintings are at the same time deliberately commonplace and original. These paintings are at the same time straightforward pictures of commonplace objects and highly original depictions of light and space. On the other hand Marc Roder’s work reflects on matters of identity, survival and absurdity. It involves research into inherited narrative structures, a process of simultaneously constructing and collapsing stories while mining their contradictions. Roder’s paintings find a kinship with myth. Their purpose is to depict a soul’s journey, thereby explaining the inexplicable. Everything represented in them has happened, or will happen. Objects in collapse crowd these canvases, where shadows are infused with light, and light is infused by darkness. For more information, please call: 305.576.1278

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