Place: The World in a Suitcase

At Centro Cultural Español From Dec 1st through Dec 26th, 2006Centro Cultural Español is opening the exhibition Place: The World in a Suitcase. This show is the result of a audiovisual investigative project carried out by both, recognized and young designers whose works deal with how individual creative work is affected by the place we live in. A 350 pages blank travel log, a video camera and a T-shirt were put in two suitcases and sent out to go around the world searching for sparks of talent and creative diversity. These suitcases traveled east and west reaching destination at thirty-two different design studios. Each designer was asked to express either on paper, video or on the fabric of the t-shirt, the sort of relationship they have with the place they live and work. The journey lasted eight months in which the suitcases visited thirty-five cities. Also as part of this project, a group of writers were commissioned to narrate each one of the stages of the suitcases, resulting in a fictional travel book that paralleled in the written word, the graphic interpretations and visual stories created by the design studios. Traveling and displacement has long been an important component of our contemporary collective imagery. From Marcel Duchamp´s Boíte-en-Valise to Paul Moorland’s Desk-Suitcase, form Diller + Scofidio´s SuitCases to Ramón Gómez de la Serna’s Suitcase Lecture, not to forget Julio Cortázar’s Tales of Suitcases or Walter Benjamin’s writings on the same theme, the object has become an authentic icon for all sort of travelers. In Place, the suitcase is presented as a metaphor for a new type of journey where the suitcase travels on its own while keeping record of “its” experiences. Place: The World in a Suitcase is a project created by Vasava, a communication studio founded in Barcelona in 1997. Vasava define its proposal from the perspective of constant work and investigation as a form of learning and method for understanding the world around us, stimulating the restless spirit and curiosity as inherent elements in the creative act. Enric Godes, one of the creators of the project will give a visited tour and an interpretation of the exhibition that will be on view until December 26th, 2006. For more information please call: 305.448.9677

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