Project Creo: Digital Divide / Digital Provide

Call for worksLooking for artists whose works explore ideas of how the digital revolution has improved and divided our society, utilizing the same technology they are critiquing. The Center is primarily seeking proposals that create kinetic art, performance, video and interactive environments that will engage visitors to the space.

  • All work is insured while on exhibition. Proposal must contain the following information:
  • Current artist resume, including address, phone number and email
  • Brief artist statement
  • Proposed work or installation for Digital Divide/Digital Provide, including drawing of the proposed piece, approximate size, materials utilized, hardware needed, amount of time needed for installation, etc.
  • Slides, video, cd or photographs of your current work
  • Self addressed, stamped envelope
  • Support materials, including past press (optional) There is no entry fee for submissions. Send all proposals to: The Arts Center. Attn: Melissa Christiano 719 Central Avenue St. Petersburg, FL 33701 For more information please contact Melissa Christiano at 727.822.7872 or email [email protected]
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