Queens and Kings at ArtCenter South Florida

From June 1st through July 17th, 2006ArtCenter/South Florida curates the exhibition Queens and Kings honoring the Gay Pride Month. The exhibition will be on view at the Miami Beach City Hall 4th Floor Public Gallery. Drag queens and drag kings have for years been recognized as the outlandish gender-benders of Gay lifestyle- and are often the most extroverted and obviously recognizable icons of gay culture. The same way the King and Queen rules a kingdom, these gay icons serve as powerful figures often associated with gay rights and free speech, and are celebrated as the voices of the gay community. In the spirit of celebrating the significant role these people play, Queens and Kings is an exhibition that explores the iconography of these characters. This is a salon style exhibition that celebrates, provokes and titillates- a barrage of uplifting images. Painting, photography – anything goes. The exhibition is curated by Claire Breukel and features ArtCenter Artists-in-Residence, Lazaro Amaral, Alex Heria, George Le Bar, Chris Vazquez and Patrick De Castro, ArtCenter staff member Rolando Torres and guest artist Ivan Molina. For more information, please call: 305.674.8278

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