RCS 1-50 Exhibit Curated by BABA Collective at BAC

Thu Jun 7, 2018 - Fri Jun 22, 2018

Bakehouse Art Complex  announces the first of its summer exhibition series, RCS 1-50 Exhibit, curated by BABA Collective. Over the past year BABA Collective, comprised of Elysa D. Batista and Maria Theresa Barbist, have engaged in dialog within our art community inquiring artists and cultural producers about their personal narratives and creative processes.

This show is a celebration of both the visual artwork and audio collected. There will be QR codes present throughout the exhibition for visitors to scan and access the corresponding volume to each artwork. Free headphones will be handed out to the first 50 guests to wear throughout the opening and listen in with their cellphones. Also, a Listening Station will be set up for you to sit, relax, and enjoy the podcasts.

RCS 1-50 Exhibit Artists featured are Adler Guerrier, Alex Nunez, Alexander Zastera, Ananda DeMello, Andre Martinez, Andrea Spiridonakos, Augusto Esquivel , Aurora Molina, Barbara Bollini, Roca Bernadette, Despujols, Bernice Steinbaum, Bianca Pratorius, Christin Paige, Minnotte Claudio, Marcotulli Claudio, Roncoli Deming, King Harriman, Donna Ruff, Eddie Arroyo, Ernesto Kunde, Gerbi Tsesarskaia, Ingrid Schindall, Jason Aponte, Jean-Paul Mallozzi, Jen Clay, Jenna Efrein, Jenny Larsson, John DeFaro, Kristin Thiele, Laura Marsh, Lauren Shapiro, Lauren Swartzbaugh, Lissette Schaeffler, Lisu Vega, Lujan Candria, Michael Gellatly, Michael Williams, Michelle Lisa, Poulissaint , Monica McGivern, Monique Lazard, Nathalie Alfonso, Onajide Shabaka, Patricia Schnall-Gutierrez, Pioneer Winter, Salvador, Zarate, Sarah Henderson, Sarah MK, Moody, Sean Mick, Terence Price II, Tina Salvesen and Troy Simmons.

Opening Reception
Jun 7, 2018, 7 PM

Closing Reception
Jun 22, 2018, 6 PM

Bakehouse Art Complex
561 NW 32nd Street
Miami, FL 33127

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