Saturation: A Face Lift in a Jar.

From April 8th through May 6th, 2006Carol Jazzar, a private art dealer, is putting together the exhibition Saturation: A Face Lift in a Jar ” that will open on Saturday, April 8th, 2006, 8:pm at Buena Vista Building 180 NE 39 st, Ste 105, Miami design District. The idea of the exhibition is based on a cosmatic product developed by the artist Lou Anne Colodny. The first space of the installation resembles a department beauty center, where the product is being introducing to the market. A “balm” for chapped hands in the tobacco fields of Latvia, Russia in the 1800s, Saturation, has now been reformulated into a “face-lift” in a jar. The second are of the installation is a maze-like of elements extracted from the cosmetic world. Videos and tableaux show women imaginery checking their faces for signs of aging, slathering cream all over their faces and bodies, and being consumed by that “green, oozy substance, “the face-lift” in a jar. For more information, please call: 305 490 6906

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