Shahzia Sikander. Nemesis at Miami Art Museum

Miami Art Museum continues to input Miami’s art scene with its exhibition programs. Shahzia Sikander’s exhibition Nemesis can be viewed at MAM’s New Work Gallery in downtown Miami. The relationship between home and displacement marks the core of the productions of the artists. For the last years, Shahzia has been presenting his artworks as an alternative to map the physical and psychological journeys experienced by anyone who has left their country of origin to live in another. Nemesis includes a suite of fifty-one graphite and ink works on paper, entitled 51 Ways of Looking, inspired by the Indo-Persian tradition of paintings made to illustrate stories in books. Also on view at the exhibition is her recent animation, Pursuit Curve. Taking its name from a term in mathematics used to describe the path an object takes when chasing another object, Pursuit Curve is inspired by landscape and its connection to human history. One image transforms into the next, in a journey intended to lead the viewer along the artist’s creative trajectory. Shahzia Sikander’s Nemesis is part of New Work, a series of projects by leading emerging and mid-career contemporary artists organized by MAM as one of the most attractive programs in the local art scene. Miami Art Museum 101 West Flagler St Miami, FL 33130 305.375.3000

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