Textiles for Men and Machine Breakers

March 3 through march 30, 2014

The Bakehouse Art Complex in Wynwood proudly announces the extension of Carrie Sieh’s exhibition, Textiles for Men and Machine Breakers.
Sieh’s exhibition, Textiles for Men and Machine Breakers, offers an unconventional spin on the history of craftspersonship and gender in the United States. Sieh’s large, mixed-media works juxtapose gendered materials, techniques, and imagery, manifesting the relationships between industrialism and gender identity.  “Through this exhibition, Carrie really deconstructs the notion that textile work belongs solely to the domestic sphere, that textiles represent only women’s activity. I was moved by her ability to so vividly illustrate the persistent connections between masculinity, technology, and labor,” said curator Bernice Steinbaum.  “Employing technology, she creates quilts that warm not the body, but the mind.”

Bakehouse Art Complex
561 NW 32nd Street
Miami, Fl, 33127

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