The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

The Arts Center of St. Petersburg FloridaThe Arts Center of St. Petersburg Florida is seeking works that investigates the cross-cultural fascination with the Great American West. The exhibition will open May 11, 2007-June 2, 2007. Deadline for proposals is February 2, 2007. No entry fee for submissions. Proposals must contain the following information: Current artist resume, including address, phone number and email. Brief artist statement *Proposed work or installation, video, sound, 2D or 3D work. Provide a sketch of proposed work which includes approximate size, materials utilized, hardware needed and estimated time for installation. Slides, video, cd or photographs of your current work. *Support materials, including past press (optional) SASE for retuned materials Estimated shipping cost. Contact: Melissa Christiano with questions regarding submissions at (727) 822-7872 or

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