The Village of Merrick Park showcases Cracking Art Group's Pink Bunnies

March 2013.

Just in time for spring, Village of Merrick Park, Coral Gables’ premier fashion and lifestyle destination, welcomes the arrival of a new public art installation – bright pink bunnies now appearing throughout the center’s courtyard and public spaces.

The over-sized, fuchsia rabbits, which have previously appeared in Paris, France, are part of the REgeneration ART Project by the Cracking Art Group, a team of six European artists who united to create public art using recyclable plastic. The project also includes over-sized snails, turtles, lizards, penguins, birds and other playful animals that have been touring the world since 1996.

Eight bunnies will be on display at Village of Merrick Park beginning Friday, March 15. According to the artists, these big vibrant animals invite viewers to re-examine their perspective on urban life, while inspiring them to play within their cities and communities. Known for their playfulness and as a symbol of luck and magic, each rabbit is 9’10” long, 5’3” wide, 8’10” tall, and weighs 265 lbs.

Village of Merrick Park

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