Then and Now by Louis Ulman

Abba Fine Art. From Jun 17th through Jul 31st, 2006Abba Fine Art presents Louis Ulman’s solo show Then and Now. The exhibition includes a survey of his past and present paintings and drawings. Then and Now features pieces like Nightfall, which is a display of a tightrope performer, a heroic female presence intended to maintain the balance of hope and perseverance with time. In the piece Annunciation, Ulman plays the life-death struggle against hope and renewal, using a hanger for the florid robe that forms a veritable question mark for today’s art world: Can visual beauty still have a role in painting? In his newest work, Ulman involves the model’s own search for the right path; she leads the horse in the right scene. Layered by contrasting spaces, her projection is non-narrative and sub-conscious. Yellow-purple color contrasts vibrate, a voluptuous reclining figure projects out in space, and receding-projected planes create layers that mark Ulman’s artistic evolution as cinematographer magnifying the single frame to achieve a strong retinal image frozen in time. Such images are meant to be arresting in what he claims is a rushed and tumultuous world. For more information, please call: 305.576.4278

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