Urge to Converge at Artformz

From May 13th through June 30th, 2006Artformz Alternative opens their next exhibit Convergence and challenges their viewing public to become part of the show. Convergence is a group show celebrating the differences and surprising similarities of four artists bringing together work influenced by their personal experiences in far away places of the world. The four artists will meet each other for the first time just a few days before the opening of this two month exhibition. When the artists meet they will be asked to consider the work of one of the other artists in the group and to create a short poem inspired by the other’s work. These works will be placed on exhibit. All visitors to the gallery May13th – June 1st are asked to participate by selecting a work that inspires them and then to create an original short poem or written word. The four artists will act as a jury and choose one submission as the most inspiring and original work. On June 10th gallery night reception this work will also be hung in the show and the author will be awarded a signed artist’s print from the gallery. The work will be published to the Artformz website along with three honorable mentions. For more information, please call: 305.572.0040

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