Vizcaya Museum presents Organ

A sound installation by Gustavo Matamoros From Nov 15th, 2006 through Feb 15th, 2007Vizcaya Museum and Gardens in South Miami Avenue launches a series of contemporary art exhibitions designed to reach local and national audiences and to position Vizcaya as a venue for creative exchange. The Contemporary Arts Project engages emerging artists in developing and presenting original works of art that reflect their reactions to South Florida’s beloved National Historic Landmark. It also offers visitors new ways of understanding this European-inspired estate. Miami-based sound artist Gustavo Matamoros opens the series with Organ. Using sound elements from Vizcaya’s historic pipe organ, Mr. Matamoros will create a 5.1 surround sound installation that matches certain frequencies in Vizcaya’s architecture so that, when visitors hear the sounds, they will also experience the architecture in a new, unexpected way. For more information, please call: 305.250.9133

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