Zero Hero by John Bock

The Moore Space Loft Through January, 2007The Moore Space is presenting the exhibition Zero Hero, a performance and installation by John Bock. Originally presented at the 51 st Venice Biennale, this installation and performance was be the inaugural exhibition at The Moore Space Loft, a warehouse space located at 3627 NE 1 Court in Miami by The Moore Space and dedicated to long-term projects. Zero Hero depicts Kaspar Hauser, a teenage boy who appeared in the streets of Nuremberg, Germany, in 1828. The boy lived from birth to the age of about sixteen in a small, dark cell with a straw bed for company and consuming only bread and water for sustenance. Hauser was the ultimate outsider: unable to speak, nor properly walk; devoid of human contact, reason or memory; and unskilled in the use of his hands, the boy confronts the city and its inhabitants. Initially he is treated like a curiosity and a freak, and as he is guided through the ways of the Western civilized world, he is eventually driven to despair. In Zero Hero, John Bock creates his own interpretation of this peculiar life in the form of a man who appears in the world and with the help of others, passes through different stations, in the form of sculptural objects of one grand installation. John Bock, who was born in 1965 near Hamburg and is currently living in Berlin, is one of the most celebrated German artists to emerge in the late 1990s. His work has been presented in exhibitions around the world including solo presentations at the Museum of Modern Art, New York and the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam among other solo and group exhibitions. For more information, please call: 305.438.1163

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