Art Modern Gallery. Stencil & Candy

From Feb 12 through 28, 2011.

altArt Modern Gallery is launching its new location in the Wynwood Art District of Miami with a dynamic group exhibition, “Stencil & Candy” featuring a vast display of works from emerging urban artists and blue chip offerings from POP Masters. “Stencil and Candy” spotlights the evolution of fine POP art (“Candy”) and its influence on the Urban Art Movement (“Stencil”) that is happening right now. The POP art movement is noted for focusing attention on images that were familiar and part of the popular culture mainly in the United States in the 1960’s and 70’s.

The aspects of influence from POP were things like billboards, advertising, comic strips and iconic and mundane objects that were used in artworks in order to appeal to the masses instead of an elitist group. Several of the artists’ works included in “Stencil and Candy” were main contributors to the vocabulary of POP art. Important works by Jasper Johns, Rauschenberg, Roy Lichtenstein, Tom Wesselmann, James Rosenquist and of course, Andy Warhol and others are part of the exhibition.

The “Stencil” part of the exhibition is art made by emerging artists who fall into the category of urban artists in the broad sense of the definition. With its strong sense of activism, adbusting, culture jamming and in some instances, subversion, Urban Art attempts to communicate with the masses about socially relevant themes that are influenced by esthetic ideas and values. The style is usually assumed to keep the artist’s work unaffiliated and strongly political in a sense. “Stencil & Candy” includes works by urban artists from around the world including Troy Abbott from Miami, Christine Finely from New York, Nick Gentry from London, Dolk from Norway, Oleg Dou, a Russian artist, and several other global names who illustrate with cutting edge clarity into the visions of their work.

The new Art Modern Gallery venue is the perfect location for such an impressive conceptual exhibition. The large, white space lends itself to project exhibitions and keeps with the edgy quality that has distinguished the gallery in Naples and now to its second location in Miami. Robert Fontaine, the owner and director of Art Modern Gallery, has organized exhibitions in such cities as Moscow, Sao Paolo, Koln and Zurich and offers expert assistance helping clients identify and select purchases for a variety of tangible advantages with the personal thrill inspired by collecting artwork being the greatest value that art has to offer.

Art Modern Gallery
175 NW 23rd Street
Miami, FL 33127

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