Panamerican Art Projects

Reaching Beyond. From Oct 13th through Nov 20th, 2007.

Panamerican Art Projects. Miami GalleriesReaching Beyond at Panamerican Art Projects is an exhibition showcasing three artists reaching beyond their psychological space. Santiago Porter's series on buildings seems, at first glance, to be an admiration for architecture, when in fact it is a testimony of violence, the actual memory of an event. He is recording images of places where violent acts took place against Argentinean society. So beside the beautiful image of the building, there is a haunting sense of loss, an emptiness which is part of the work. In spite of them being color photographs, the sobriety of the choice of colors give the same feeling as black and white works, in other words, color is not a distraction in the image.

The draftsmanship on Lopez Pardo's black and white canvas is always a subject of curiosity. His impeccable technique always raises eyebrows in disbelief, almost like the artist did it on purpose. The incredulous spectator has to come really close to find out what the medium is: graphite on canvas. His solitary landscapes, usually nightscapes, evoke loneliness and isolation. His images are at the same time captivating and disturbing. His tornado series although portraying a potential disaster still have an enchanting atmosphere.

In the project room we will be featuring the work of Andrea Cote. Cote is known for her works with human hair. On this occasion her video titled Cut will be running in one wall while in the other three she will actually encrust the walls with her hair. Cote is using a simple physical change such as a hair cut to allude to transformations in general, and the sense of loss that usually comes after.

For more information, please call: 305.573.24002007-10-18

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