Panamerican Art Projects

A Tale of Two Cities. From Apr 12th through May 10th, 2008.

Panamerican Art Projects. Miami Art Galleries
Different cities have been the muse for many photographers through the history of art. In this occasion Panamerican Art Projects bring together two photographers with two very different poetics and visions of two cities: New York and Buenos Aires. These two artists, Gory (Rogelio Lopez Marin) and Gian Paolo Minelli, are showing the tales of these two cities geographically and socially on opposite sides of the spectrum.

Gory is showing a new face of New York, a city made by a mixture of people from diverse origins, bringing up the real spirit of the place. Fragments of the city result in lyrical images, based on the effect created by the combination of black and white with a touch of color, a selective process emphasizing the center of his attention.

Gian Paolo Minelli, on the other hand, is focusing his attention on social aspects, in the conditions of a penitentiary building and in the community of Piedra Buena, a dilapidated neighborhood where the majority of the youth is addicted to crack. His images are fragments of that reality, hidden in the suburbs of Buenos Aires.

In the gallery’s project room Victor Cartagena is showing his installation Bang, Bang, Toy Gun! This work is focused on issues of violence in youth communities, both in his home country (El Salvador) and in the USA, where he lives and works. The viewer is pulled out of their comfort zone as they walk into the project space, where a video of a youth aiming a gun follows them and then randomly shoots.

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