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Two views: From Oct 25th through Nov 22nd, 2008.  Panamerican Art Projects. Miami Art GalleriesIn this exhibition, Panamerican Art Projects is presenting the work of two contemporary Cuban painters: Pedro Pablo Oliva and Rene Francisco Rodriguez, whose work is a direct result of their environment. These two artists are from two different generations, which undoubtedly influences their perception. Their views about social circumstances differ, and they take their personal histories as a reference and source of inspiration. Pedro Pablo (Pinar del Rio, Cuba, 1949) offers a more intimate perspective while Rene Francisco (Holguin, Cuba, 1960) explores the concept of the multitudes and their impact within society.

As part of this exhibition, there will be a controversial and courageous series of paintings and one ceramic sculpture by Pedro Pablo Oliva, which have been previously exhibited at the National Museum of Fine Arts in Havana and are now part of the Pan American Art Projects collection. In this series, the central figure, whether presented directly or through indirect but quite obvious references, is Fidel Castro: the series is provoked by many years of frustration endured by the artist; loyal to his unique perspective, Pedro Pablo’s view of the political situation in Cuba is very private and up-close, and is informed with everyday issues which affect every individual living on the island.  

Rene Francisco Rodriguez approaches the same issues, of the difficulties for a society where everyone is forced in the same situation, by presenting pictures where the self is lost in the masses.

Thus the approach of the two artists is different, with Pedro Pablo emphasizing the individual, his paintings almost completely filled with his unique creatures, while Rene Francisco uses the masses as his main theme. Stylistically, too, the two are different, almost from the opposite ends of the spectrum: Pedro Pablo’s imagery is very detailed, often baroque; while Rene Francisco uses a more abstract representation, where the application of the paint is itself a reminder of the multitude of individuals that make up the masses.

Yet, despite their differences of style and approach, both artists are looking at their own position in society, isolated or as part of a whole group, and they challenge their fellow citizens to see the reality of their world. It is the courage of this intent, which unites them and makes them worthy of our attention.

Panamerican Art Projects
Panamerican Art Projects
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