ArtRouge Gallery presents Weaving of Colors

From June 1st through June 28th, 2006ArtRouge Gallery and Casa y Estilo Internacional present Weaving of Colors, an exhibition specially created for interior designers, architects and developers as well as for every art lover who appreciates colorful painting. Color is the first compound of artwork that the eye can catch, one of the basic elements of art itself which introduces us into the mysterious and impressive world of emotions created by artists. Weaving of Colors will feature artists from different countries like Beatrix Prieto, Carlos Frank, Dulce Maria Felix and Ricardo Guevara Maciel from Mexico, Luis Granda and Pedro Zubizarreta from Spain and Vitaly Tiulenev, Yuri Pavlov, Boris Chetkov and Andrei Chaplya from Russia. For more information, please call: 305.448-2060

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