Frost Art Museum. Vision Revealed

Selections from the work of Abelardo Morell. From May 11th through Jun 26th, 2006Vision Revealed: Selections from the work of Abelardo Morell, curated by Elizabeth Cerejido, will reopen at the Frost Art Museum in May 11th, 2006. The exhibition highlights several photographic series by this renowned Cuban-American artist. This exhibition will be also the first exhibition organized by the museum to travel to Latin America. After June 2006, the show will have its debut in Sao Paolo, Brazil and will continue on to Santiago de Chile, Buenos Aires and Mexico, D.F. This exhibition features the artist’s best known series, Camera Obscura, in which he captures, through long exposures, inverted views of the outside world. In addition to the Camera Obscura series, the exhibition features other works including photographs of books portrayed by the artists as a metaphor of content whose narrative may be carefully manipulated through simple photographic techniques. Also on view is Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, a series of photographs based on the classic illustrations by Sir John Tenniel, portrays Morell’s trenchant skill with the latter. A great addition to the show is the work created by Morell during his artist-in-residency at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston in the 1990’s. In the work, the face of a museum’s staff member is juxtaposed alongside the face of Rembrandt, creating a portrait that plays with time and history, merging the old world with the contemporary. Morell creates pictures that are surreal, distorting scale, cropping objects and juxtaposing images. The artist fuses unexpected fragments of outdoor elements with household objects challenging our adult perceptions of the realm. As Morell expressed, “the spiritual aspect of my work has more to do with the sense that things in the world can be perceived and accepted as being in some respect alive. I try to approach everything that I photograph with this sense of wide-eyed awe”. Come see, Morell’s visions can be quite revealing. For more information, please call: 305.348.2890

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