Bonds. Two collaboratives

An exhibition by Centro Cultural Espanol.Bonds is an exhibition by Japanese and Spanish artists that explores one aspect of contemporary art: the appropriation of symbols from distant cultures. Bonds conveys how the artists use the symbols devoid of meanings in order to interpret them on one hand, from their own cultural contexts and on the other hand, from their own creative mind. That combination of cultural backgrounds and personal universe elicits both new works and the broadening of the meanings. The symbols presented in this exhibition are recognized as icons in their respective Western and Eastern cultures: the Catholic iconography (Saints, Pietá and Virgins), the Age of Enlightenment (books, atlas, encyclopaedia) and the Japanese traditions (zen gardens, origami and kimonos). The guest artists are Noriko Ambe and Ten+Goku from Japan, and Isabel Ulzurrun, David Rodríguez Caballero and Carlos Pascual from Spain. Noriko Ambe’s elegant and delicate artworks reference geological strata and imaginary landscapes. Ambe’s artworks are always made out of paper. By manipulating layers of paper she invents geographies with a dramatic varnish. For her, the process is as important as the final work. Sometimes she uses white Japanese paper while others she cuts objects like newspapers, books, atlases, etc. Ten+Goku, is a collaborative duo formed by sculptor Sacré Nobi and photographer Hajime Watanabe. They both use catholic iconography in their works, orientalizing it in some way, changing their original meaning. Isabel Ulzurrun re-interprets the kimono in her sculptural dresses; however, the final product is far from the original functions and forms of the traditional Japanese costume, since her interventions depart from Western techniques and materials. This artist manipulates the fabrics (raffia, linen, muslin) treating them like books where she put fictional stories about the couture world. Ulzurrum displays two pieces in this exhibition: in Private space NY (2005) she keeps working in the idea of larger-than-life Western kimonos. On the other hand, in Capita de miedo (II)/ Resting defense (II) (2005), the artist has created a sculpture that resembles a samurai armour, however, her intention is actually to portrait – in a poetic way. – a device to protect against fear. This exhibition is curated by Ana Vázquez, and David Rodríguez Caballero, a curatorial team from Spain. It comes from The ISE Cultural Foundation in New York, where it was selected by the Program of Emerging Curator and was exhibited between September 16th and November 5th, 2005. Centro Cultural Español 800 Douglas Road, # 170 305.448.9677

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