Shorcuts Between Reality and Fiction

Video, Installations and Painting from Le Fonds National D’Art Contemporain. This exhibition is comprised of major works from the FNAC (Fondation National d’Art Contemporain/ National Foundation for Contemporary Art), the most significant collection of contemporary art in France. Begun two hundred years ago by the French government to bring attention to living artists, it now consists of about 80,000 works of art, 20,000 that have been acquired in the last twenty-five years. FNAC Curators Catherine Francblin and Jean Marc Prevost selected nineteen works primarily from the nineties onward. Media represented includes video, drawing, painting, photography, and large-scale installations. Each work in this exhibition explores new ways of critical perception. Artists in the exhibition include Pierre Bismuth, Jean- Marc Bustamante, Claude Closky, Malachi Farrell, Thomas Hirschhorn, Pierre Huyghe, Anne-Marie Jugnet and Alain Clairet, Bertrand Lavier, Orlan, Alain Séchas, Barthélémy Toguo, and Xavier Veilhan. French artist Xavier Veilhan experiments with translations of virtual images into three-dimensional objects through his lightworks by applying virtual-to-physical translations to the process of moving images. Each bulb of Veihan’s lightworks serves as a single pixel from digital film creating an electric collage that is comprised of over 1,000 lightbulbs. The grander scale and increased distance betweeen the image and the spectator introduces a new perspective on the subject matter that results in a new way of seeing. Thomas Hirschhorn, Swiss-born artist, creates monumental installations out of found objects and common materials such as tape, plastic and cardboard. His intention is not to recreate environments, rather to lend a different “energy” and an alternative “feel” to the sense of place and idea. Hirschhorn deals with issues such as poverty, political oppression, violation of human rights, war and pollution. Bass Museum of Art 2121 Park Avenue Miami Beach, Florida 33139 305.673.7530

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