C-Art Gallery makes its Miami debut with Reflections by David Rodriguez Caballero

From May 2 through June 1 2013.

The newest gallery to open in Miami, C-Art Gallery, in collaboration with the prestigious Marlborough Gallery in New York, presents Reflections, a solo exhibition by Spanish artist David Rodriguez Caballero. Curated by Kosme de Baraños, the show takes place at O. Ascanio Gallery in Wynwood as a “pop-up” exhibition.

For his first solo exhibition in Miami, David Rodriguez Caballero presents thirty aluminum, brass and vinyl art works. His characteristic aluminum and brass pieces are from his metal series, while his vinyl works form part of an independent series that juxtaposes different layers of monochrome acetate resulting in a paint-like finish. The exhibit is comprised of geometric abstractions, wall installations and freestanding sculptures, taking spectators on a journey through the artist’s transition from three-dimensionality to sculpture.

David Rodríguez Caballero arrives in Miami for his solo exhibition after a strong showing at the Marlborough New York (Recent Works, Marlborough Chelsea, February 2012), and Madrid (Ongoing pieces, Marlborough Madrid, November 2012) that were well received by the public, critics and art collectors. In addition, his work was recently showcased at Art Basel Miami Beach, The Armory Show and Arco.

“I am honored that C-Art Gallery has given me this opportunity. Guests will be able to observe the breadth of my work, from my characteristic brass and aluminum pieces, to my recent aesthetic investigations and combinations of organic elements with inorganic elements. The inspirations derived from living in New York over the past two years are apparent in my newer pieces – the skyscrapers and concrete mix with my visual thinking to produce abstract configurations,” said Rodriguez Caballero.

David Rodríguez Caballero (1970) is a Fine Arts BA from the University of the Basque Country (Universidad del País Vazco). He has participated in numerous individual and collective exhibitions nationally and internationally as well as art fairs like Art Basel Miami Beach, KIAF from Seoúl, MACO in México, BALELATINA de Basilea, ARCO in Madrid and The Armory Show in New York. He has also been awarded with the First International Engraving Award from Dinastía Vivanco Winery (La Rioja, 2008), first prize from the IX Mostra Fenosa Union Collection (Museum of Contemporary Art Fenosa Union, 2006), First Painting Award from Volsbank Paderborn (Paderborn, Germany, 1996) and First Painting Award from Pamplona Young Artists (Pamplona, 1995), among others.

Pop-up Exhibition at O Ascanio Gallery
2600 NW 2nd Avenue
Miami, FL 33127

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