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I Still Love my Box From Jan 13th through Mar 8th, 2007Damien B. Contemporary Art Center is announcing the exhibition I Still Love My Box. This show belongs to a series with the name I Love My Box that was launched for the first time in November, 2006. The works in the exhibition are viewed in experimental spaces with pieces also being shown in the main gallery. The containers will be given for a limited period of time to different artists for an ongoing series of exhibits. These new spaces allow an environment that will enable the artists to exhibit a more personal representation of their work. The upcoming I Still Love My Box will feature LA Based artist Peter Smuts and Paris based artist Ruddy Candillon. The Human Pixel Project by Peter Smuts is open to anyone, made up of thousands of 2×2 inch works in all media donated by artists from around the world. Over 1500 artists and over 15000 pixels so far. These thousands of pixels will be continuously used and re-used as elements in larger, aggregate works. The work of thousands of individuals become the underlying palette and media for future work, each pixel engaged in a continual process of formation and reformation as a component of a larger whole. Ruddy Candillon’s work is guided by direct experience: street paintings, photographs, sound mixes, multi-projections for parties. His artwork is a relation between the world and the others; nomadic principles, urban circulations and autonomy nourish him. For more information, please call: 305.573.4949

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