Sara Stites

Chained: Drawings and Sculptures March 10th, 2007Sara Stites’ new large drawings with imagery of chains and gems will be on view at the Buena Vista Building in Miami Design District this March 10th, 2007. Also, as part of the exhibition, there will be an installation of small drawings and sculptures displayed on a tongue-shaped table designed especially for the show. Stites most recent solo shows included large, life-sized drawings of hairy beings whose mixture of animal and human imagery explore human fascination with the sensual and grotesque. The intimacy of hair and skin, recognizable to our private selves, is at once unsettling and gratifying. Although we think of ourselves as unique, our sexuality ties us undeniably to nature. The fluid slippage between human and animal reminds us – for better or for worse – that we are not as evolved as we would like to think. About this exhibition the artist comments: “The multiplicities of cloning, regeneration and biological manipulation are an undercurrent, but my goal is to affect the viewer personally rather than politically. The chain imagery in recent work signals my further exploration of our connectedness to all things on earth and our mutual pleasure and discomfort”. For more information, please call: 305.942.9771

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