David Castillo presents two painters

From Sep 9th through Oct 31st, 2006David Castillo Gallery in Wynwood Art District opens the first Miami solo exhibition of Beth Reisman titled Phoenicia. Reisman’s paintings seem to begin with a drawing, or rather a photograph, as the original forms are culled from fashion magazines. The artist’s work deals with consumption of the female form in it purest sense, de-constructing individual identities. From an intricate drawing and tracing process, her works evolve ultimately to abstract and beautiful explorations of color. The paintings are marked by an ephemeral though unmistakable depth. They are amalgams composed entirely of figures yet completely abstract. Also, in the project room of the gallery, will be the first solo show of Miami-based artist Chris Byrd titled Adventureland. As a native Floridian, Chris Byrd has been affected by the designed environments of theme parks, as well as the subcultures of surfing and skateboarding. His paintings are highly graphic and explore the similarities and differences between drawing and painting. For more information, please call: 305.573.8110

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