Locust Projects: Michael Tedja

Mental Fight- An Anti-Spell for the Twenty-First Century From Sep 9th through Oct 28th, 2006Locust Projects in Wynwood Art District is opening the first one-person show in the United States for painter Michael Tedja. For Tedja, painting are a container for indefatigable production, libidinal overdrives, endless research, and a stream of ideas that never ebbs. It’s not a question of producing paintings for their own sake, of making luxury goods that sit on the wall. This this often means that the canvases are in the middle of the room, or that the paintings have objects dangling from them. In addition to Tedja’s solo show, Locust Projects will be exhibiting Miami-based artist Nicolas D.Lobo in the project room. D.Lobo will produce Miramar Substation/EMF Displacement, a model of the electromagnetic field generated by the power substation adjacent to Locust Projects. Giving a computer model physical dimension and using the exhibition space as its starting point, the model will be built on site as skillfully as possible and using humble materials usually associate with the world of garage engineers and grandpa technology. For more information, please call: 305.576.8570

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